Welcome back

Wow it's been over 4 years since I last blogged. I guess a lot has happened since then. No longer am I a wet eared junior developer but now lead my own crack team of developers. I'm a father to a one year old daughter, gained a passion for strength training and my experience and interests in development is no longer just limited to the .NET ecosystem.

This year I've decided to rekindle my interest of writing. This time I hope to write about my experiences in other topics not just limited to coding.

I don't want to make this a "new year's resolution" those usually fail after a few weeks. I'm going to make it a SMART goal.

I might write at least 12 posts by 2015.

First step was migrating from blogengine into the beautifully clean and simple Ghost blogging platform. I've only kept the popular articles and left all the spam filled comments behind they were actually harming SEO.

Getting Ghost working on azure was painful. I may do a post on how I got things working as it was hard to find guides that actually worked. Believe me I spend a whole day trying a number of them.

EDIT: Here's the post Installing Ghost Blog on azure websites

Stay tuned, oh and happy New Year.

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